Let’s Talk About Street Fighter 6


Capcom dropped its first big trailer for Street Fighter 6 last week, giving us our first look at the grandfather of all fighting games (are some of us really that old?). Capcom appears to be repeating some of the design patterns that gave us Street Fighter 3, while hopefully avoiding some of the pitfalls that made the game a low point in the series. Let’s get into it.

1). Open-World Gameplay?
Street Fighter 6 alludes to the idea of an open world. We see a non-roster character traversing Metro City, climbing ladders using Shoto-inspired moves to destroy obstacles. This would be a welcome addition, allowing everyone to bring custom fighters into the mix against mainstays and even tournament play. I’m looking forward to seeing this fleshed out.

2). New Arrivals and Elder Statesmen

Series mainstays Ryu and Chun Li have come a long way since their youthful days of Street Fighter 2. Ryu, presumably having learned everything he could from his master Gouken, has shed his gi for the robes of a monk. He also has permanent facial hair now. It’s been long postulated that Ryu spends his latter years as a peaceful warrior residing in a monastery. Those years may not be far off.

Meanwhile, the First Lady of Fighting Games can be seen casually sparring with a youthful newcomer. Her hands are clasped behind her back as she moves gracefully around her opponent before lightly kicking her in the back of the head. Considering what Chun Li’s legs are capable of, we know she’s not taking this match seriously.

Street Fighter 5’s Luke is also featured (may he be a bit more balanced this time around) and drunken master newcomer Jaime is also featured. I’m sure we’ll get more characters as the roster fills out.

3). Familiar Gameplay Mechanics
The trailer features a healthy dose of gameplay. We see an emphasis on parries and clashes, though how they’ll work out in actual play is still anyone’s guess. There seems to be more of a dramatic presentation when it comes to a successful parry, while clashes appear to let the match go either way.

4). Some Mainstays are Still Missing.
Ken Masters has been mysteriously absent from Street Fighter 6, and one has to wonder with his family and responsibilities if the character has been retired. Or will he be in the first batch of DLC? Personally, I’m most excited for the return of Guile, Akuma, and hopefully Kage. With Ryu having apparently mastered his dark side, I’m curious as to what other manifestations his character produces.

I’ve been playing Street Fighter since the very beginning. I’ve been excited for each one of its incarnations, and six is no exception. I can’t wait to see where the series goes from here, and what Capcom gives us this time around. I’ll keep you updated. Thanks for reading.



Avery K Tingle, The Gamer Author

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