The Brutal Truth About How To Write A Book

Avery K Tingle, The Gamer Author
2 min readMay 11, 2022


This is the chief question neophyte writers ask veterans. Everyone wants to know: “How do I write a book?”

But this isn’t what they really want to know. What everyone really wants to know is; how do you make the process easier? How do you make it hurt less?

That’s where things get tricky.

There’s so much flowery advice out there. Some of it is crap, some of it will make you better. It’s up to you to decide which is which. You’d do well to avail yourself of as much knowledge as you can. You can never know too much. I’ll cover my mentors and inspirations in a future post.

The truth is, the only way to make the process ‘easier’ is to accept the fact that writing the book will hurt. It will drive you to depths of madness you never knew existed. The first thing you write will be complete and total crap. You will be sentencing yourself to hours of self-doubt, revisions, and editing. There’s a reason why so many creatives end up with substance abuse issues. We need something to cope. I recommend physical exercise.

What makes things work is that your book probably won’t sell. Like at all. You may end up devoting years of your life towards something not even twenty people will see, and even fewer will read. Don’t even get me started on marketing.

Do you want to know how to write a book? That’s simple: you sit your ass down and write.

As for making the process easier, or less painful, I can offer this: write because you love it. Don’t write to get rich, because people will see through that and you’ll end up broke and miserable. If you don’t love this, don’t start.

If you want to know how to make the process easier or less painful, well, a lot of us are hoping you figure that out.

Thanks for reading.



Avery K Tingle, The Gamer Author

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